New SSAS Provider 2020

by | Jun 19, 2020



Elite Wealth Services have been providing technical support to IFA’s and Accountants for over 30 years – but now for the 1st time, they can offer a complete SSAS & QNUPS service through SEGMENTED SOLUTIONS LIMITED (owned and run by our MD – Paul Stewart).

If you want to know how a SSAS and a QNUPS can create your own tax haven here in the UK – then just ask – everything as always starts with a FREE telephone consultation.

Are you are looking to establish your own SSAS, or have clients wanting to establish a SSAS? Then visit:

Once you have filled in the simple enquiry form, you’ll be taken to a page which contains all the Deeds, Notes and Documents you’ll need to establish your SSAS. You’ll also get access to a FREE Guide on “How to Use a SSAS and Other Tools to Save Tax”

We are asked the same questions all the time, so have all the answers waiting….

What is a SSAS?
What is the difference between a SSAS and a SIPP?
How can I buy Property in a SSAS?
What is the Inheritance Tax position of a SSAS?
What can I borrow in my SSAS?
Can my SSAS lend money to my company?
What are the SSAS contribution limits?
How do I access my SSAS funds?
Can I buy residential property in my SSAS?

…..and of course many many more!!

Paul Stewart (Our MD) is a Pensions Administrator (an official HMRC recognised role). He was also an Examiner for the Chartered Insurance Institute dealing with the exams IFA’s had to pass in order to give advice on …PENSIONS! So if there is anyone who can help guide you, then he can!

Most Advisors, such as IFA’s and Accountants do not have the internal experts to assess a client’s FULL situation – and come up with the best overall strategy.

As I have worked in the pensions and tax planning field for over 30 years, I have personal access to experts in all taxes and can combine these experts into a unique service that really does go beyond what you’d get from your normal ‘Advisors’.

Every wealthy entrepreneur or property investor I have ever met had their own Accountant, Solicitor and Financial Advisor – yet in 90% of cases we were able to dramatically able to improve their overall exposure to UK taxes and access to their pension money.

What is vital is the proper implementation – with care at every stage.

This is why we offer a FREE consultation – as it lets us explore your current situation before jumping in with ‘solutions’.

If you are interested in seeing if your pension can be used to help support your business – then call us now, or send us your details and we will call you back. 

We look forward to helping you soon.