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(We provide tax advice and are not an IFA business. We will not give you investment advice or introduce you to any 3rd party ‘alternative investments’.
If you require investment advice for funds that end up within any tax exempt structure (such as a SSAS or QNUPS) – please speak to an IFA near you).

Do you want to know if we can save you tax? Our tax planning tools and tips have saved Entrepreneurs and Property investors many millions of pounds – and will continue to do so for 2024 and into the future. (Visit our Tax Blog for some inspiration)

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If you are based outside the UK and want to invest into UK property – please visit our new Dubai company to learn how UK property taxes can be reduced. 


Working alongside your existing Advisors, we provide business owners with access to a wide range of specialist tax, shareholder, retirement and other personal planning structures that deliver HMRC friendly tax savings. We are NOT an Accountant or IFA – and do not advise on investments. 


First we speak to you in a FREE call – to establish if the planning we offer would be of benefit. Since 1991 when our MD started working with UK Entrepreneurs, nearly all profitable UK Companies, their shareholders and Directors have been able to make considerable tax savings.


Our initial FREE Consultation will highlight all the areas of planning that meet your specific goals. Only when you can see the benefits of our work do we ask for a small one off Engagement Fee. For that you will receive unlimited FREE support (Calls, Emails and Meetings).


We are not accountants or auditors so we don’t deal with what expenses you can (or cannot) claim – instead we provide you with advice on how to make contributions to special types of pension or corporate trust that will reduce your taxable profits while maintaining access to money for cash-flow purposes. For example, where your IFA or Accountant has reached the limit of allowable contributions to pensions, we might suggest an alternative arrangement with much higher contribution limits so that profits can be reduced from above £1.5m down to below £1.5m – which impacts cash-flow as corporation tax will now be paid in arrears, rather than in advance.


Rather than deal with how Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is calculated when you dispose of investments such as property or your company shares, we will explore your planning options that allow assets of all types to be sold without CGT applying. If your property (or company shares) are held within an exempt structure, the issues surrounding Entrepreneur’s Relief or the new CGT rules on property sales are no longer valid. Time and money being spent worrying about how to slightly reduce CGT can now be diverted to ensuring that there is no CGT of any type payable – ever.


This is a complex area of taxation and many people have fallen foul of HMRC in trying to artificially reduce their ‘income’ for tax purposes. We have never used ‘schemes’ and prefer to plan ahead and use Statutory Rules that HMRC are happy with in terms of allowing you access to money that falls outside of the income tax net. For example, there are pension and annuity rules that can be used that put your money into the ‘tax free’ category – whilst still maintaining your access to funds. Moving money from the ‘income’ tax net to be treated as a tax exempt gain is another route to reducing income tax. However, this is a complex area and specialist advice really comes into its own over the longer term.